About Us

Etère is a lifestyle brand committed to designing everyday products that inspire and inject little happiness into your busy lives. Our main desire was to transform the mundane task of applying skincare products into a mindful, fulfilling routine using soft ingredients, positive messages and happy colors all of which reminding you to enjoy the present moment. We have later on added lifestyle products with the same purpose and spirit of becoming your daily triggers to a mindful present.


Etère was imagined by two best friends Karen and Dina in July 2020, and was launched in 2022. Karen, is an ultimate romantic, with an innate kindness compass. Dina, is an Excel worshiper, with an inclination to solve any problem however icky or icy with humor. They are very different but together they are complete. They came together 20+ years ago and while their dreams were different in content, they were very much the same in spirit: creating products that elicit emotions and they want to share their journey with you.

Our Name

Etère, derived from the Latin word ‘Iter’ translates to ‘Journey’ and is a tribute to the importance of enjoying the little things along our journey … we spell Etère the French way – Eh – tèrre This is however YOUR journey with us and however you wish to say our name we will love it for sure.